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Summer 2015

DM 815:
Biblical Principles That Shape Ministry

PR 610:
Biographical Preaching: Studies in the Life of Abraham

Spring B 2015

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DM 911:
Preaching Through the Sermon on the Mount

NT 710: New Testament Theology

PM 520: Pastoral Leadership in the 21st Century

PM 525: Church Administration

PR 620: Preaching the First Epistle of Peter

Spring A 2015
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BG 501:
Biblical World

BI 505: Methods of Interpretation

BL 620: Hebrew II

DM 915:
Pastoral Leadership in the Culturally Engaged Church

MI 520: Creating a Global Vision in the Local Church

NT 620: Life and Writings of John

PM 655: Coping with Stress in the Ministry

Fall B 2014

BG 510:
The Drama of Redemption

CH 503: The Church Through the Centuries

NT 610:
The Life and Teachings of Jesus

PM 515:
Personal Preparation for Ministry

PM 630:
Growing Healthy Churches

SF 610:
Devotional Classics

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Fall A 2014

BL 530: Greek III: Exegesis

CH 502:
The Church Through the Centuries I

MI 535: Religions of the World

NT 650: The Epistle to the Romans

OT 650: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther

RS 505: Introduction to Theological Education

TH 510: Person and Work of Christ

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Summer 2014

EV 770:
Pastoral Leadership in the Culturally Engaged Church

OT 917: Preaching Christ through the Old Testament

PR 610: Studies in the Life of David